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Questions for parent(s) Students To Ask  before enrolling.

Ask the right questions to get the right answer! 

Are you a new student, non traditional student or veteran student getting the right information is vital.

  1. I didn’t graduate from High school can I still attend college?

  2. Can I get financial aid without having a High
    School Diploma?

  3. Is there a cap on how much financial aid I can receive?

  4. Do all colleges have accreditation?

  5. Is an accreditation required for financial aid?

  6. Should I apply for financial aid before I enroll in college?

  7. Is there a website for financial aid understanding?

  8. I took classes online and I don’t know if the school has an  accreditation?

  9. What are developmental or learning support classes?

  10. I received a special Certificate from High school; can I go to College?

  11. Why do I need to take the compass?

  12. Why is my college  requesting my transcripts from my other colleges?

  13. Is there an expiration on the SAT or ACT or compass test, Accuplacer?

  14. It’s my first time going to college. Who do I need to talk to about enrolling?

  15. What are the steps to enrolling in college?

  16. What is advising ?

  17. What is the least expensive way to attend college?

  18. What is  the difference between a private college and a state?

  19. What is the difference between an Associates Degree and Bachelor's Degree or Diploma?

  20. What is the success rate for my program of study?

  21. What is the job market status for my program of study?

  22. What is the tuition for online classes?

  23. What training is available for nontraditional students or first time attending college?

  24. Is there an expiration on any of my transfer college courses?

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